Why is your book only available in the Kindle Store?

I chose to publish through Amazon because it is a major online retailer that makes self-publishing simple (and free) for little ol’ newbie indie publishers such as myself. I went the e-book route because I needed to get my story out of my computer and into the world, not because I am looking to make a bunch of money or become famous, but because it was my biggest fear. Facing Fears = Joy

I don’t own a Kindle, so how can I read your book?

You can read my book on pretty much any device or computer. It does mean downloading the Kindle App, but the app is free. Free Apps = Joy

I would really rather have a paperback. That’s not a question, but you know what I’m saying …

Quite honestly, I would like one too! However, I’m working full-time and I’m a full-time student, so I have limited hours at the moment. Designing the cover for an e-book is simpler than for a printed book. Formatting for an e-book is also simpler. I want the book to be just right before it goes to print because that can’t be undone.  E-books Are Awesome, But Paper Books Will Always = Joy

Who edited your manuscript?

I was fortunate to have a generous friend who took care of the details. He printed, bound, and mailed all my pages to a lovely woman named Sandy Cline in Texas, who edited the manuscript. I have not had the privilege of meeting her, but she sent a card with the edited manuscript and shared some touching words (see a photo of the card on my home page). She was gracious and fixed all my misspellings, helped me clarify some content, and confirmed that I under-use commas! The Oxford Comma = Joy

What’s the meaning of life?

It’s still 42, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy can also be purchased at Amazon. I think the meaning of life is also to love all people, to sprinkle kindness wherever you go, and to share your story. If you don’t share your story in book form, please do it in your everyday conversations. Life = Joy

So, what’s your next book?

My next book is probably a workbook on grief. It’s actually almost complete and will be offered only in print. I don’t know yet when I will publish it, but I’m hoping to do so before 2015 comes to a close. A friend (the one who sent my manuscript to the editor) suggested I take the “words of the month” that I blogged about in 2013 and turn them into a book. I just might do that someday. Ideas = Joy

Do you really find joy in every day? I mean, are you happy all the time?

That’s actually two very different questions. Funny you should ask because I blogged about the difference between joy and happiness once (you can read that here). I really find joy in every day. However, I don’t write about it or share it every day and sometimes I let irritations get in the way and overshadow the joy. Am I happy all the time? Nope. But I can usually make some happiness by finding joy. Honesty & Vulnerability = Joy

Are you on Facebook?

Yes. You can like my page by clicking on the nifty little icon in the sidebar (or clicking here). Nifty Little Icons = Joy

How will I know when you have published a new blog post?

If you like my Facebook page, you will see updates there. You can also subscribe to my newsletter – the Joy Journal – to get updates via email. There’s another little nifty icon for that in the sidebar. Sometimes I put extra stuff in the newsletter. Inboxes = Joy (That one mighta been a stretch.)

Who is your favorite author?

I am an adoring fan of Jodi Picoult. I have read almost everything she has written, often finishing a novel in one sitting. I pre-order her books in hardcover, which is why I won’t cry if someone doesn’t order my book in electronic form. Her stories have made me laugh, weep, and even get angry. They take me on emotional roller coasters, but they are thrilling and deeply moving. Her last novel, Leaving Time, was especially moving because it is about grief. Any description I give will not do it justice. Read it. Read anything she has penned. Novels = Joy

What is your favorite book?

You’d think I’d give you a Jodi Picoult title, but there is one book, and only one book, that I can classify as my favorite: To Kill a Mockingbird. I read it for the first time as a teenager. Yes, required for English class, but I fell in love with it then and have read it many times since. I read it aloud to my family on a road trip from California to Colorado (I went hoarse). I read it to my kids. I will read it to my grandchildren. The movie adaptation starring Gregory Peck is, in my opinion, a masterpiece. My dog is named Boo Radley because of that book. Atticus, Jem, Scout, and Boo Radley = Joy

What is your favorite movie?

You know that really great action movie based on the comic book superhero? Yeah, that one! It’s my favorite.

Okay, if you insist, I will pick a trilogy. Star Wars. Episodes IV, V, and VI. Not the special editions. I also prefer black and white films to be left that way. It preserves cinematic history. The Cinema = Joy

What is your favorite dessert?

I love key lime pie. The best I’ve had so far is at Sharky’s On the Pier in Venice, Florida. Oh, come on, we all know Pie = Joy